Antibiotic Use in Meat Production: Risks vs. BenefitsBasic Statistics for Microbiological SamplingBig Data in Food Safety: Trends and Opportunities



Cleaning & Sanitizing Chemical Testing for GFSICommon Food Microbiology Laboratory ErrorsFDA FSMA Avoiding Criminal Consequences

Use of Chemical Testing in Verification of Cleaning & Sanitizing Programs for GFSI Audit Schemes


How Large A Sample Do I Need?Language of Contemporary Food LabelingMeta Analysis



Systematic reviews and understanding effectiveness

Nanotechnology and NanomaterialsPesticides in FoodsProcess Variation Reduction

 Novel applications for use of nanotechnology  

Residues, Regulations, Risks, Reality

Simultaneous improvement of quality and productivity

Quality by DesignStrategy of ExperimentationSystem for Continued Process Verification

Strategies for implementing

Accelerating speed to successful product launch

Principles to integrate the tools needed to implement and operate such a system